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Musical Method : The Pros and Cons

Method based teaching may work for some, but not every student will suit a cookie cutter approach to music tuition. All methods must be tailored to the individual. Teachers must be able to assess the …
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Three Steps to Better Piano Technique

Hammers, Handlebars and Superballs ‘I don’t think your hands can cope with this piece yet’. Heard that recently? If dancers look after their feet and strengthen their ankles, and athletes go t…
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Music is Everywhere

An Interview with a Young Composer Last February, Marie-Louise Ptohos, a ten year old girl from Eversley Primary School in Enfield put pencil to manuscript and produced a sweet and quirky little piece…
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Firs Farm Young Singers

We are beyond thrilled to announce our brand new Rock Choir, the Firs Farm Young Singers, opening its doors to young voices in January 2016. Where : Firs Farm Primary School, Small Hall When : Mondays…
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Events and Opportunities 2015-2016

Get Involved! The best way to become a great musician is by throwing yourself into new learning and performing experiences. We’ve listed every event, concert, competition and opportunity planned…
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How to Find a Great Music Teacher

Great musicians aren’t always the best teachers. It can be very easy to lose sight of what’s important when a prospective teacher’s CV is as impressive as the Cartier window display, but how can…
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